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This game is written by Corey May, Ryan Galletta and Dooma Wendschuh. The main storyline is five years before the 2009 Batman Arkham Asylum is on a younger batman. The crime lord Black Mast has now put a bounty on the Batman. He is intetnioned to kill and maker terror in the Gotham city by invinte them and then they kill batman.The Joker and Anarky are now taking advantage of the chaos to launch nefarious schemes. On the uper hand Gotham City Police man try to arrest and give the Batman.

Batman Arkham Origins PC Games Free Download For PC,Laptop and Notebook Full Version

Batman Arkham Origins PC Game is open world action and adventure game. This game is incorportaing with stealth game tactics. Batman is capable to use his cape to flight around the city and with the help of his grapnel gun retracting rope he can attach it to had to reach ledges and extend his flight. The few gadgets are form the Arkham previous games. Some are unlocked during the game. The gadget that are taken fromt the previous game are Cryptographic Sequencer which is used to hack security consoles, The Batclaw which is used for hooking onto surfaces, Batarang for thorwing weapons, The Remote Batarang for remote-controlled counterpart, Explosive Gel especially for the destroy weak surfaces and knock down enemies and Grapnel Accelerator, an earlier version of the Grapnel Boost. New gadget is Batman’s arsenal include the remote claw which allows batman to target two objects and pull them togagher. this help batman to hit enemies into each other or hit them to differnt objects . There are shock gloves which allow batman to stop electic shoks to hurt. It also can disable some enemies and stun shielded ones, and short-circuit objects, and the Concussion Detonator, capable of stunning large enemy groups.

The game has now fast travel system. Batman can summon the plane in instant through which you can transport him to other areas of the game world quicker than gliding or grappling could. Enemy tower installation stop batmen to summon his craft in some areas. Batman can disable these tower.

Batman Arkham Origins PC Games

Batman Arkham Origins PC Game Free Download – Features & Requirements