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EA Sports Cricket 2011 is a marvelous cricket video game which is developed by HB Studios and published by EA Sports. It allows players to involve in Twenty-20 cricket at the Ashes Tournament, placing the United Kingdom against Australia in a virtual mashup to settle the score between these two decades-old sports rivals.If you like this pc game, try Assassin’s creed 1 too.

Cricket 2011 PC Game Gameplay:

EA Sports Cricket 2011 PC Game provides for a smooth playing style that’s easy to pick up without much of a learning curve for players to think about. And with Twenty-20 as a characteristic for players, their abilities can raise and their knowledge of the mechanics of Cricket padded through rapid matches that encourage experiment and learning. Players can try their hand at competing in popular English events like Victoria County Championship, the C&G Trophy and the Liverpool the NatWest Pro40 to keep the challenge going Players will need to focus only on three aspects that are key in order to master Cricket: batting, bowling and fielding.

Those on PC by means of a controller may find a little of sticking direct strokes as meant and when batting due to the combinations needed to maneuver correctly. There are a number of compatibility problems depending on the manufacturer, but there ought to be easy move having a high degree of correctness for the player if playing using a computer keyboard and mouse. No matter hardware, players have pick of direction as well as fashion and will soon be able to utilize bats that are popular like Puma and Slazenger.

Free Download EA Sports Cricket 2011 PC Games

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How to play EA Sports Cricket on PC

Ea Sports Cricket 2011 PSP ISO Download is a cricket simulation game. It is developed under the banner of HB Studios for Microsoft Windows. You can also download Brian Lara International ea sports cricket 2011 free download.If you are a cricket lover this game is really made for you. Ea Sports Cricket 2011 PSP ISO Download includes limited mode in which you can choose between 5 and 50 overs. Then there is a four-day first class node plus the full length test is also included. There are many international venues in this game like Lords (The House of Cricket), MCG and Eden Gardens. You can also customize the weather conditions and all other game conditions in this game, which includes the type of throw, the number of overs and the team of your team.

Ea Sports Cricket 2011 PSP ISO Download has also had different tournaments like the Powerful World Cup, World Series, the Knockout Tournament and the famous Ashes series. There is an addition of test series between two teams that you choose. Ash has a different mode in this game which includes the complete test game and some different scenarios that you have to play.

All in all this game is a very fine and amazing addition to the series of cricket games produced by EA Sports.EA Sports Cricket is one of the most realistic cricket games on PC although if you’re new to the game, learning how to control your player can be difficult. EA hasn’t been very quick at updating EA Sports Cricket unlike with FIFA. EA Sports Cricket 2007 was the last and most recent installment of the popular cricket series and gives you more control over the types of shot you want to play.

Here are the keyboard controls to play EA Sports Cricket.

Arrow Keys = Direction that you want to hit the ball
SHIFT+S = Hit for Six
S = Defensive Stroke
S+D = Forward Stroke
W+D = Hit Behind
D = Run / A = Run Back

Free EA Sports Cricket 2011 PC Game For PC/Laptop – Features & Requirements