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Prince of persia game free download Pc game is a multi-platform video game produced by the Ubisoft which was released on May 18, 2010, in North America and on May 20 in Europe. The games mark a return to storyline started by Prince of Persia The Sands of Time. Prince of Persia The Forgotten Sands Game is the title of 4 separate games with different storylines. The main game was developed for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and Microsoft Windows, while the other 3 are exclusive for PlayStation Portable, Nintendo DS, & Wii.If you like this pc game, try Project igi 2 too.

Prince of Persia PC Game is a video game franchise created by Jordan Mechner, originally developed and published by Brøderbund, then The Learning Company, and currently Ubisoft. The franchise is built around a series of action-adventure games focused on various incarnations of the eponymous prince. The first game in the series was designed by Mechner after the success of his previous game with Brøderbund, Karateka. The title was successful enough to spawn two sequels: the series has been rebooted twice since its acquisition by Ubisoft, and has been successful enough to warrant a film adaptation, penned in part by Mechner and released by Walt Disney Pictures in 2010. Since its first remake of thePrince of Persia”, the series has seen eight sequels on more than 10 different gaming platforms, from the Game Boy Advance to the PlayStation 3.

Even though Mechner has been involved with the series in varying capacities throughout its history, the games themselves have been developed and published by several different companies. The first two games in the series, Prince of Persia and Prince of Persia 2: The Shadow and the Flame, were published by Brøderbund. Prince of Persia 3D, the first to use 3D computer graphics, was developed by Red Orb Entertainment and published by The Learning Company on PC, and developed by Avalanche Software and published by Mattel Interactive on Sega Dreamcast. French-based video game company Ubisoft began developing and publishing the series in 2003 with Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, and so far have been the most prolific of any company in bringing out new games in the series.

Prince of persia game free download Plot

The Prince is riding through the desert on his horse, on a quest to see his dear brother, Malik, & learn about leadership from him. When Prince arrives at Malik’s kingdom, Prince finds it under attack by an army which is attempting to breach the treasure vaults for great power known as “Solomon’s Army”. The Prince charges into the city and tracks Malik to treasure vaults. Here, Malik says that he is fighting a losing battle & proposes to rely on the last resort or be forced to retreat. The Prince powerfully objects, but Malik releases Solomon’s Army using the magical seal. Solomon’s Army is an assortment of unlike creatures, all made of sand. The Prince & Malik both manage to obtain halves of seal used to keep the army contained, protecting them from being turned into the sand statues, which is the fate of the rest of the kingdom.

Prince Of Persia PC Games Free Download

Prince of persia game free download Gameplay

Prince of persia game free download The Forgotten Sands Full Game is available on all major & gaming platforms and is to “feature many of the fan-favorite elements from original series as well as latest gameplay innovations”, according to a press release from the Ubisoft. The DS, PSP & Wii versions are developed separately & will feature different gameplay than the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 & Windows versions. With Ubisoft’s feature Uplay, players may unlock Ezio, the chief character from Assassin’s Creed II.

In PS3/Xbox 360/PC game, throughout the game Prince learns new powers. The biggest new feature is the addition of the elemental powers, which behave as power-ups, enhancing the Prince’s capability in battles and allowing him to access the unreachable areas. There are 4 core powers in the game: Fire, Ice, Wind and Earth. Each of them translates to a different power during combat, such as the ability to “solidify” water fountains & turn them into climbable columns. Besides these core powers, there’re also minor powers that can be purchased to enhance Prince’s abilities from Razia. These small powers include a shield & the power to summon small tornadoes. The combat in the game is similar to combat mechanics found in “The Sands of Time”.

While the Prince of persia game free download is fighting a war in a foreign country, his Grand Vizier Jaffar orchestrates a coup d’etat. His way to the throne lies through the Sultan’s lovely daughter. Jaffar kidnaps her and threatens to kill her if she refuses to marry him. Meanwhile, the man the Princess loves is thrown into the dungeon. He has only one hour to escape from his prison, defeat the guards on his way, and stop Jaffar before the terrible marriage takes place. Prince of persia game free download is a 2D platformer that is commonly regarded as a progenitor of the cinematic platform genre. Rather than following the more common jump-and-run mechanics, it focuses on careful advancement through fairly complex levels, emphasizing the protagonist’s vulnerability and survival aspect.

Rotoscoping technique is used to give more realism to the animation of the charactersmovements. The protagonist must avoid deadly traps, solve some simple jumping and environmental puzzles (such as stepping on pressure plates to raise portcullis), and engage in sword fights with the guards. The player character has an infinite amount of lives, but has to restart at the beginning of a level each time he dies, and must complete the game within an hour. The hero starts with three units of health, which can be replenished with small health potions or permanently increased with large jars. The Game Boy Color and SNES versions of the game feature additional levels and new enemies. The Genesis version has a new intro, an altered set of graphics and four new levels.

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