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Pokémon X and Y are two individual role-playing video games which are developed by Game Freak and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo 3DS. This remarkable game introduces new Pokémon, dynamic battles, and a new storyline set in a spectacular 3D world. Three new starters Pokémon Chespin, Fennekin and Froakie and will also be available for battle as well as the newest Legendary Pokémon.If you like this pc game, try Far cry 2.

Pokemon x and y game download Gameplay:

The game also has minor nods to past titles and pop culture allusions which make the games feel totally relevant. While playing the game you will see the characters speak of the Hoenn region. While Game Freak has reminiscence on their side so there is still a swing of new mechanics. So by training your Pokémon can be done outside of battles now. This minor part of this game helps you to dodge soccer balls while concurrently shooting them at giant blown up balloon Pokémon.

They will raise your Pokémon’s base stats like Speed, Attack, and Defense after once completed. It almost feels like deceitful but the edge you get on Gym Leaders is certainly valuable. Still, Super Training is absolutely optional and you can get through the entire game without even touching it. It’s mostly a novelty, except for a few Pokémon that rely on the happiness affinity to level up, like Sylveon. Battles also feel mostly familiar but have a new twist.

It’s still six Pokémon in your party, with only four moves at a time per monster, but now Pokémon has new Hidden Abilities, which can give them a separate edge in battle. For example, the Torchic which is available as a Mystery Gift comes with the Hidden Ability ‘Speed Boost’ which raises its speed after each turn taken. Knowing and utilizing these Hidden Abilities to your advantage will be beneficial to your success. However, if you plan on taking on trainers around the world, Super Training might be mandatory. This amazing game also contains new feature which are Pokémon-Amie, a Nintendogs-lite mode where you can cooperate with any and all of your Pokémon by petting them, feeding them treats and playing three different mini-games with them.

Free Download Pokemon x and y PC Games

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