Astro Avenger Free Download Games For PC Windows 7/8/8.1/10/XP Full Version


Welcome to Astro Avenger 2, pilot! You will like this free pc games for sure! It is an excellent space simulation, who can refuse playing it?Astro Avenger 2 PC Games Free Download For PC,Laptop and Notebook Full Version and start playing now!In the decade since the Global Political Crisis, mankind has entered its second golden age planning to expand the man’s presence further in the Galaxy.You drive a tiny space fighter with the help of which you have to beat a huge hostile fleet. It is not that easy: you’ll have to move carefully and fire accurately. Your ship has limited life time so you have to avoid enemy rockets and energy weapons shots. You earn some valuable plasma each time you bring down hostile unit, so your ship can be upgraded at the end of each level when you reach the main ship. Your basic gun is a laser.

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