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Hitman absolution download – Hitman Absolution pc game is a stealth game developed by IO Interactive and published by Square Enix. It is the fifth installment in the Hitman series and runs on two exclusive Glacier engine Shooting games IO Interactive. Before the release, developers have said Absolution easier to play and would be more accessible while maintaining the hardcore aspects of the franchise. The game was released November 20, 2012 (which is in the 47th week of the year in reference to the protagonist, Agent 47) for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. The May 15, 2014, Hitman: Absolution – Elite Edition was released for OS X by Feral interactive; It contains all previously released downloadable content, including Hitman Sniper Challenge, “making of” documentary and a 72-page art book.If you like this pc game, try Call of duty black ops 2.Just play all pc games free download from our website.

Hitman absolution download Gameplay

Hitman Absolution pc game is a stealth video game where the player takes the role of an assassin named Agent 47. presented from a perspective of the game in the third person is to complete the objectives at different levels. Targets can range from just reaching the end of the level, kill some people. Players choose how to complete each level, with branching roads to get to a target or location. Players can pistols, bottles, stones, guns, rifles, fiber cord or steel pipes used against enemies if you choose to set the action-oriented approach enemies to avoid, do not be seen, using disguises to blend into the environment and only attack a specific target group (s), if you use the stealthy approach. Agent 47 also has the ability “Instinct” that the enemies of the easiest player later screen. There are also environmental means to kill or cause individuals out; Players can use poison to coffee spike, pulling switches to a disco ball to fall and break, causing a huge explosion at a gas station, pulling a switch for causing scaffolding to fall, causing a fire or trigger fireworks. Players get comprehensive chapters throughout history. The player travels to different places, including a mansion, library, strip club, armory, wrestling arena, the courthouse and the hotel in the course of history.


Hitman Absolution 3 PC Games Free Download

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Hitman absolution download Plot

Set after the events of Hitman Blood Money and Hitman Damnation, the game begins with Agent 47 detailing his relationship with his trades Diana burning wood he trusted him, without explanation, International Contract Agency (ICA) betraying sabotage funding and database to disappear with the confusion that followed. After the ICA has been reformed, has 47 mission with his new handler Benjamin Travis, a senior official of the CIA, killing Diana for his betrayal and retrieve resources of the agency; a teenager named Victoria his home in Chicago, Illinois. 47 sneaks into his house and shoots Diana. Instead of ending it’s 47 comforted her dying friend and ask her why she betrayed CIA. Diana discovers Victoria has been genetically modified to be a man of success for the CIA. Who does not want the same fate as Victoria 47, they betray the CIA and fled with it. As a last request of Diana, 47 the agreement to protect Victoria, Travis him a traitor brand.

After 47 Victoria drops to hide Rosewood Orphanage, he contacts his informants, Birdie, for information about Victoria and ICA, which Birdie agrees to give 47 murdered crime boss in Chinatown for him. After cutting barcode tattoo of your head and gives her Silverballers Birdie, Birdie 47 is informed by a man named Blake Dexter, head of Dexter Industries, a company in the home defense, staying at Terminus Hotel. 47 sneaks into the hotel and learn from a conversation between Dexter and his secretary Layla Stockton in his penthouse Dexter plans to kidnap Victoria and sell to the highest bidder.

Exploration of eighth floor can be different each time and it depends on your starting point. A corridor adjacent to the passage from the main staircase is patrolled by one or two guards, depending on the difficulty level. It is recommended to get rid of at least one of them, by surprising him from behind and hiding the body in a crate or by throwing him out of the window. It is worth noting, that there is Hope goon disguise lying on a nearby table and you should use it if you do not want to attack anyone.

The shutter mentioned earlier is a very good solution to getting close to the room 899. You’ll have to perform some acrobatics here, but you should not be noticed by anyone during these actions.

Surroundings of the closed elevator on the eighth floor are guarded by at least 2-3 enemies. So you should stay away from them, use covers or wait until they split up.

A small projector room is occupied by two guards. One of them goes to the side staircase from time to time, which should make your life easier. The mentioned projector is interactive. If you have a movie reel (obtained on seventh floor), you can use it here, thus encouraging local guards to watch a movie. If you do not have a movie reel, you can find it in one of the banquet halls, but it is harder to obtain it while remaining unnoticed.

The side banquet halls are occupied by quite large groups of enemies and if you haven’t distracted them with a projector, avoiding them might be problematic. Certain facilitation can be a fact, that you can throw enemies out of windows by surprising them from behind or waiting for them on ledges.

The door leading to room 899 should be guarded by a single enemy, regardless of the difficulty level. Depending on your preferences you can stun him, throw him out of the window or try to sneak past him. But keep in mind that opening the door, which is the main mission goal, is not immediate but takes a few seconds.

Before you use the door leading to room 899, you might explore first one more room located left from here (screen above), adjacent to one of banquet halls. Inside you’ll find weapons storeroom guarded by at least one enemy, but more important is new evidencelying on the table.

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